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Davina Claire per episode: 1.18 the big uneasy
"I don’t want your gift."

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I love your Clannibal arts! Especially the gifs, truly gorgeous :)



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anonymous asked: christine or the phantom


I don’t think anti-Phoebe people realize how stupid they look.

It’s okay to dislike someone’s acting. It becomes a problem when you start to criticize them as a person for no reason.

NO, it’s not okay to make fun of her weight. NO, it’s not okay to call her a bitch, slut, homewrecker, or any other misogynistic terms. NO, you do not know her and until you do you can shove your opinion up your ass. 


Oh, and even didn’t know about her JOKING conversation with William Shatner until an anti-Phoebe person pointed it out. When you “Hate” someone and know more about their social media sites than an actual fan, it becomes pathetic. By the way, he called her “deliciously sinister”. He is a professional actor, by the way. He knows what he’s talking about. ;)

"I know you make Clarice Starling graphics and Clannibal, but would you consider Hannigram?"

i don’t ship it, don’t even like it—but i love the characters separately—, so that’s probably a no

tho tbh i doubt hannibal will stay on tv long enough to get the rights to a fucking amazing character like clarice starling

clarice fucking starling that, at the end of the book hannibal, basically makes a psychotic cannibalistic serial killer her bitch


if we get the rights, there needs to be like a clarice party

also a barney party


also we’ll need a moment of silence for never getting to see chilton hit on clarice or clarice destroy chilton with a single look